Case Study:

Mercure Holland House Bristol

The Mercure had recently had a new air-conditioning condenser unit installed on the roof off the hotel to allow for a improved airflow system. After installation it became apparent that the unit was in fact emitting a high level of decibels to the surround apartment buildings.

After receiving an acoustic report, a specification of works was created. The lower exposed panel sections were isolated with prefabricated soundproof panels to ensure any sound transference was kept to a minimum whilst still allowing the necessary amount of airflow into the unit.

To create a weather tight seal the soundproof panels were then encased with a white acrylic sheet and acoustically sealed. 

Following the completion of the project, the team had successfully reduced the noise transference to the point of where the neighbouring properties cold no longer hear the issues and was estimated to be in the 75% region in terms of reduction values. 

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