Case Study:

Trapeze Club Shoreditch

Trapeze came to us after the EHO had conducted a test during a open evening in the club and had deemed that the club noise was too loud and then advised if the noise continued an order would be made to force the closure of the premises to ensure there was no further disruption to the neighbouring apartments.

After carrying out tests of our own and investigating further we had determined that the main areas on the ground floor and basement had shared walls with the apartments and also there were multiple fire escape doors that also shared a flight of stairs with the apartments and acted as a echo chamber through the spine of the building.

The team commenced the project by firstly applying soundproofing services via independent wall systems in the basement, ground floor then the fire escape stairway along with treating weak points in sections of ceilings doors and floors also. The walls were in areas 3 times thicker than our traditional soundproof walls as the sound being emitted from the speakers was up to 120DB, the equivalent of a fighter jet taking off!

Upon completing the Trapeze project, we had effectively soundproofed over 200 square metres of weak points in the walls, doors and certain sections of the flooring and ceiling areas up to 80% which comfortably exceeds the criteria of Document E of the soundproofing regulations. A test was conducted by the EHO once the project was completed and they had deemed the sound transference “next to non-existent” and allowed the club to operate at maximum volume.

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