Case Study:

University of South Wales

The team were asked to travel to South wales to reduce both airborne and vibrational noise being emitted into USW’s media studio from their indoor professional football pitch next door which tends to host Cardiff City’s youth team training. The studio had severe issues with footballs hitting the shared wall along with the whistles and shouting disrupting the studios recording process.

Upon thorough inspection of the area, it was proposed an independent wall solution complete with sound insulation, soundproof plasterboard, mass loaded vinyl and resilient bar upgrades to all perimeter walls within the area. Along with the soundproof walls we also installed an acoustic high densityFD60 door unit along with perimeter and soundproof drop-down seals to create an airtight vacuum. It had also been found flanking was an issue within the studio and to combat this an acoustic encapsulated pad was incorporated into the scope of work to be enclosed into the ceiling cavity.

Once the soundproofing work was commissioned USW requested a 360 degree “infinity curve”. This would create a finish in the room that made the room seem infinite in space to a camera and also after being painted in Chroma Key green screen paint allowed for media editing to take place.

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