Frequently Asked Questions On Soundproofing Your Property Or Commercial Premises

How does it work?

Soundproofing is about creating separation and adding mass. We can create separation by adding a controlled cavity between the areas and then add mass with the use of specialist DB boards and acoustic insulation, we may include optional extras which will enhance the system further.

What can I do for footfall noise from above?

We can look at installing a ceiling system which will reduce the noise coming through. If you cannot afford to lose a lot of space, we may suggest doing the ceiling and the floor above.

Will I lose a lot of space?

We have a diverse range of systems which may involve a reduction of floor to ceiling height as low as 33mm

How much will the noise be reduced by?

Every system has its own reduction value although on average most of our customers say the noise has been reduced by 70% +/- although every property is different, and it depends what system you would choose to go ahead with.

How long will the work take?

Depending on how large the work is a team aims to complete around 10 – 15m2 per day which includes plastering and refitting electrics etc.

Do I need to get another tradesperson in afterwards?

If you have specialist coving we tend to recommend a local person who can undertake the work, however we plaster ready for decoration and refit radiators and electrics so all you would have to do is paint.

Do you visit the property?

Yes, we can schedule a visit to ensure what we have quoted for is correct and to firm up any details you may be unsure about.

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