Soundproofing Floors: Domestic & Commercial Flooring Systems

Soundproofing floors is a great way of reducing the noise below you are coming up, or from your noise going below. We often carry out lots of work for customers who suffer with impact frequencies caused by footfall noises from above along with airborne issued caused by television and loud music. To combat this we can undertake work to reduce this noise by isolating the areas by adding mass to the flooring to treat the airborne aspect and to treat the impact issues we have a range of elastic acoustic materials capable of absorbing the kinetic energy produced by footfall.
Many people may think that by adding mass to the flooring may increase the floor height massively, we have options available which can be hidden within the flooring to ensure that floor height isn’t compromised and therefore preventing the need to adjust door and skirting board heights.

We have a variety of different systems available to reduce both impact and airborne noise as well as bespoke systems for the use of commercial areas and music rooms or studios. We are also able to incorporate optional extras into the quotation such as HS elastic density roll or acoustic underlay to improve the attenuation further.
Soundproof Floors
Soundproof Floors

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