Soundproofing Suspended Ceilings: Domestic & Commercial Ceiling Systems

Bristol and the surrounding areas such as Clifton, Southville and Bedmister are always rising in its population and are now living in properties that were most likely once a spacious house that have been converted into multiple dwellings with high occupancy this can cause strain on daily life, making the need for soundproofing suspended ceilings and other soundproofing services in high demand.
We understand that not everyone has the same schedule, this can cause loss of sleep, frustration and feeling like you live with the person above you.

That is why we have introduced new ways of soundproofing suspended ceiling areas, so you can get a good night’s sleep or just enjoy your own peace and quiet in the comfort of your own home. Our most effective solution is the Independent soundproof ceiling, which boasts a great impact and airborne performance and can be added with optional extras such as HS mass loaded density roll and HS cavity creator channel to enhance the reduction further. We do offer other systems such as our slimline Isolation clip or resilient clip system if you cannot afford to lose space, all of our slimline solutions offer a great range of frequency coverage for their respective sizes.

We also apply our ceiling solutions in commercial / industrial properties such as offices, pubs, clubs and factories. These solutions can be used to maintain privacy in areas that have confidential meetings, loud music or therapy sessions.
Soundproof Suspended Ceiling
Soundproof Suspended Ceiling
Soundproof Suspended Ceiling

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