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Clifton Soundproofing offer a comprehensive and diverse range of products and systems that can be used to ensure privacy is maintained between adjoining spaces. Our systems are designed to work in all areas such as homes, studios, office and commercial areas. Soundproofing walls is just one of the services we can help you with.
You may require soundproofing to adhere to Part E regulations that have been in place since 2003 to change the use of the property for example houses that have now been converted to flats. We also carry out work in Clubs. Restaurants and Cafe’s that are entitled by law to meet the building regulations and requirements to resist the travel of sound to nearby residential areas. If you require further information on this, please get in touch with our team of dedicated specialists.

Our diverse range of options that are available make us one of the leading specialists in Bristol and the south west. Systems such as the HS20 system and Genie clip systems offer great overall reductions for little space lost. We also offer larger free standing systems that are very effective for reducing both impact and airborne noise to ensure the best possible reduction, these are often referred to as our independent wall systems.
Soundproofing Walls Technical Specification
Soundproofing Walls Technical Specification

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, it can. We tend to use the HS20 system as it is very effective at reducing noise when space is a concern. The whole system from start to finish is only 50mm Thick. We can also offer a even thinner 35mm IsoAcoustic system consisting of a compressed acoustic elastic material and two different types of AC-HS acoustic boards that couple together to provide a good range of cover for its modest size.

  • Does soundproofing really work? The answer is yes, soundproofing is about creating separation where possible and adding mass. We can create separation by adding a controlled cavity between the areas and then add mass with the use of specialist acoustic mass boards and acoustic insulation.

  • Will I need to get other trades people in after the work has been completed? If you have specialist coving we tend to recommend a local person who can undertake the work, however we plaster ready for decoration and refit radiators and electrics so all you would have to do is paint and possibly add some decorators caulk to the skirting once the plaster has dried fully.
If you have any further questions regarding any of our soundproofing services please call on 01172 047147
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls

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