Soundproofing Windows With Acoustic Glass

Soundproof Windows with Secondary Acoustic Glazing
It may be hard to work or relax when there are disturbances nearby, with secondary acoustic glazing you can restore the peace and quiet without the need to block the windows up. These noises can be caused by nearby roads, train-lines, pubs, clubs and air traffic. We recommend leaving as much space between the primary (existing) window as possible as this will increase the overall performance.
Benefits of having Secondary Acoustic Glazing
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces the noise level within the room.
  • Reduces disturbed sleep
  • Retains heat (great for energy saving)
We have different types of windows and options available. Contact us today to get more information. 

Refer to the data sheets on the glass provided.
Glass Data SheetGlass Data Sheet
Secondary Glazing Window
Secondary Glazing Window
Secondary Glazing Window

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